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Specific body treatment

Allow us to guide you toward a sensory and holistic journey, where well-being and nature meet.

We redefine the art of body care by offering much more than simple exfoliation or wraps. Explore our diverse range of rituals, from relaxing massages to targeted treatments, to reveal the authentic beauty of your body. What sets our protocols apart is our commitment to exceptional products, formulated with unparalleled actives, ensuring unparalleled effectiveness. Let us guide you through a sensory and holistic experience where well-being and nature converge.

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Embark on the unparalleled journey of our Silky Skin Exfoliation, an essential step to elevate your skin and amplify the benefits of our products.

By meticulously preparing the skin through the removal of dead cells, this exfoliant delivers an unparalleled sensation of smoothness and comfort. Infused with regenerative and moisturizing properties, it enlivens skin microcirculation, fostering optimal tissue oxygenation and leaving your skin revitalized and radiant.

Discover the micronized seaweed wrap, an essential step in our slimming programs at the thalassotherapy center. The micronized form of the seaweed ensures an immediate release of its valuable active ingredients, providing optimal bioavailability upon contact with the skin. This renowned technique enhances the relaxing and revitalizing benefits of seawater, as the seaweed absorbs substantial amounts of minerals and trace elements while growing. Immerse yourself in an experience where the fusion of micronized technology and marine benefits delivers an unparalleled slimming and revitalizing treatment.

An innovative treatment specifically designed for the delicate skin of the bust and décolleté. The sensitive décolleté area, often indicative of a woman’s age, requires special attention due to its delicacy, constantly exposed to the harmful effects of light and sun. Similar to the décolleté, the chest undergoes volume fluctuations due to menstrual cycles, pregnancies, weight variations, and menopause.

To preserve the youth and vitality of the décolleté and bust, a comprehensive approach is essential, encompassing protection, hydration, smoothing, and toning. Infused with meticulously selected plant extracts, our treatment acts holistically, purifying the skin, brightening and evening the complexion, providing a smoothed and toned texture, while delivering deep hydration and skin sublimation.

Specifically targeting the loss of support in breast tissues and stimulating the synthesis of connective fibers, our treatment aims to firm the skin and revitalize the breasts. It imparts flexibility to the bust while elegantly redefining the silhouette and contours. As a result, it offers a well-being experience, softness, and ensures optimal bust support.


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