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Ridha Cosmétiques, a thriving Quebec-based company, has excelled for over four decades in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of highly effective professional skincare products.

This inspiring story traces its roots back to 1981 when the visionary founder,
Mr. Ridha Chaabini, embarked on an exciting journey, merging his expertise in cosmetic chemistry with a deep passion for nature. From this union, a complete range of facial and body care products was born, designed for beauty institutes throughout Canada.

The mission of our company, both noble and fundamental, is based on harnessing the incredible potential offered by plants, the sea, and the earth for the well-being of the skin while preserving nature and its environment with absolute respect. To achieve this goal, our products are carefully crafted using exclusively pure essential oils, top-quality plant extracts, highly effective vitamin blends, as well as a variety of leading regenerative ingredients such as peptides, ceramides, collagen, elastin, and many more.

Ridha Cosmétiques, when nature and science unite to regenerate your skin.


At Ridha Cosmétiques, we invest great efforts to maintain and increase our standards with the constant objective of offering you the highest quality of products. From formulation to marketing, our teams work together to exceed industry standards

Our production specialists combine the advances of dermo cosmetic research with the many treasures that nature offers us in order to provide you with products whose safety and effectiveness have been proven.

Our quality assurance team ensures that the products marketed meet the company’s rigorous standards and cosmeceutical requirements.

Our quality control system ensures computerized production management, which guarantees the control of both raw materials and finished products.

It is only through the daily application of excellence objectives that we can differentiate ourselves and remain a leader in the industry for over 40 years now.


From its inception, the Ridha Cosmétiques team has been dedicated to a specific mission:
delivering high-quality professional skincare while preserving nature and its environment. Eco-responsibility, at the heart of our company, drives us to take proactive and voluntary actions in this regard:

  • One of our core values is never conducting animal testing.
  • We meticulously choose entirely recyclable packaging, some in bulk, with the goal of extending the lifespan of our products and minimizing waste.
  • When you purchase our products, you’re also supporting a local initiative. This means their transportation requires 10 to 20 times less oil and packaging compared to imported products.

Mindful consumption represents a significant and positive step towards environmental conservation.


Over time, our laboratories have dedicated their expertise to creating a diverse range of professional skincare products, designed right here in Quebec. What could be better than a local company to understand the specific needs of skin constantly exposed to the seasonal variations of our extreme climate?

What makes us proud is making available to consumers and professionals in the beauty and wellness industry a wide selection of products with unparalleled performance, guaranteeing tangible results, all conveniently gathered in one place.

“The expertise of Canadian-based manufacturers is a true asset that contributes to the enrichment of our local cultural life.”


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