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The ultimate hero of hand hygiene, our hydroalcoholic gel is the essential product for optimal hand hygiene. With an alcohol concentration of 70%, this gel effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses, while leaving your hands soft and hydrated thanks to its non-sticky formula enriched with a moisturizing agent. Easy to carry and use, our hydroalcoholic gel is perfect for travel, outings, and situations where water and soap are not available. Protect yourself and others by always keeping our hydroalcoholic gel at hand.


Skin type: All skin types


Ethanol 70%: Powerful disinfectant for germs and viruses on hands

Glycerin: Moisturizing agent

Carbomer: Viscosity control agent


Efficient elimination of germs and viruses: Sanigel Hand Sanitizer Gel is a powerful and non-sticky disinfectant.

Portable and easy to use, it can be carried and used anywhere, making it a valuable tool for maintaining optimal hand hygiene.

Prevention of the spread of infectious diseases: Regular use of hydroalcoholic gel can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the flu, cold, and respiratory infections.

Convenient alternative to hand washing: Hydroalcoholic gel is a convenient alternative to hand washing when water and soap are not available.


To ensure its effectiveness, it is important to pour about 3 ml (equivalent to the size of the palm) of the hydroalcoholic gel into the palm and rub hands (including back, palms, and wrists) for at least 30 seconds.

It is then important to let it dry before touching any surface. The hydroalcoholic gel does not require rinsing.

Note that it is irritating to the eyes, so avoid rubbing them immediately after use.

Sanigel can be used by adults and children over three years old.


Medicinal ingredient: Ethanol 70%.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Water, glycerin, carbomer 940


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